Free access to retrofit special issue of Building Research and Information

Building Research and Information is granting free access to their “Urban Retrofitting for the Transition to Sustainability” special issue, guest edited by member of the Retrofit 2050 team.

Building Research & Information is a leading peer-reviewed international journal that focuses on buildings and their supporting systems over their whole life. The scope of the journal embraces:

  • the performance and impacts of buildings and building stocks
  • the linkages between the built, natural, social and economic environments (sustainability, climate change, regeneration, resilience…)
  • the changing demands and aspirations for design, development and property

The special issue, edited by Tim Dixon and Malcolm Eames, explores beyond current and near-market solutions to review and integrate knowledge and expectations of emerging and prospective technologies with the potential to underpin the long-term transition to a sustainable urban future. Looking to issues such as the future of suburbs, the energy footprint of water and social practices approaches, these papers broadly follow a ‘Foresight’ approach in scoping out future trends and drivers in key technologies in these sectors at national and city level through to 2050.

Free access is available until the end of 2013, and can be found here.

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