Project areas

The project comprises four distinct but interlinked work packages:

  • Transition analysis, which is concerned with theoretical and practical understanding of sustainability transitions in the built environment, as well as how retrofit is practised in the case study regions of Greater Manchester and South East Wales, both at present and in the future
  • Foresight laboratory, exploring the technological and social innovations that will underpin transition in the UK’s cities, as well as investigating retrofit in the commercial sector
  • Modelling pathways, concerned with adapting and developing modelling tools to the task of representing long term, large scale change and their practical uses for decision makers
  • Scenario process, a set of three national and two regional participatory workshops involving experts and stakeholders to explore different aspects of transitions and develop the Retrofit 2050 Visions
  • Knowledge transfer, aiming to dissemination and share knowledge with academic, practitioner and general audiences

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